Nana Norreslet

Welcome to Norreslet, a brand new Spanish jewelry manufacturer with Danish soul.

As an essential part of our business philosophy, we consider that our customers are our first motivation and we are always looking forward to build-up strong and long-term business relationships based on mutual trust.

Our main objective is to work closely towards a common goal, which is the satisfaction of the final consumer in the process of achieving a piece of gold jewelry.

Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to talk to you really soon.

Nana Nørreslet

Nørreslet is a modern jewelry company located in Córdoba, the epicenter of Spanish jewelry production.

The company was founded in 2013 by Nana Nørreslet, who is the driving force behind it, a professional of the international jewelry industry who holds on to the conviction that each customer has to be treated as special and unique, that business is not only about transactions but about trustfulness, and that a personal approach is the key guarantee for an agreement to be successfully complied for all parts.

In Nørreslet, we combine in a very exclusive way Scandinavian values with Spanish tradition for our clients. We develop accurate design and high quality manufacturing according to the European Union laws, bringing credibility and efficiency to the Spanish craft industry, together with our pinch of enthusiasm and temper.

Due to our in-depth market knowledge, we put special attention to the end consumers and their demands. Our “know-how” has been acquired after more than 17 years experience in design, manufacturing and sales of jewelry from Córdoba to the rest of the world, and especially to Scandinavia.

We care about you, and more importantly, about your customers. We are aware of the importance of reassuring the final customer, therefore we are constantly working to provide your business with a wide variety of jewelry collections, all made up to the highest quality standards, at competitive prices, delivered safe and on time and always offering the personal attention that characterizes us during the whole process.

Norreslet Jewelry